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bright and early.

I do love my sunset sessions, but there is something so simply magical about the sunrise ones too… it’s like you have the gift of the world before anyone else is awake for it!  Unless of course you choose the place where all of the kayakers head out for their morning rides, and then you share the world with them.  Either way, I loved greeting this adorable face bright and early this summer!


the next generation.

For the past few years I have done a blog post about one of my favorite weekends of the year – my college reunion (click here and click here to read the last 2 posts).  Each year I write about how much this reunion means to ME, how important these friendships are to ME, and how much I look forward to these weekends.  Well, reunion 2016 was just as incredible for ME as the past years have been, but this year it was apparent how much this weekend meant to my kids as well.   On the last night of the reunion, as I put my kids to bed, my middle kiddo whispered in my ear: “Thank you mommy for everything about this trip.  It is the best vacation I’ve ever been on.”  And right there I melted.

The day after we got home, my 2 girls decided to write stories about their trip to Michigan.  I am going to use their stories to narrate the post this year.

“My Trip to Michigan”


“I saw all of my best friends.”


“Every year we go swimming, go to the beach, go fishing, and spend time with family.”


“There are a lot of people to play with and a lot of people your age.  Everyone gets along and makes friends pretty easily.”


*Except that this isn’t the end.  It is just the beginning.  The beginning of beautiful friendships that have been passed to the next generation.   The generation that calls these friendships “our family.”


all of the happiness. all of the joy. all of the laughter.

This family was SO much fun to photograph.   From the moment these adorable (and insanely fashionable) girls got out of the car, they were all smiles.  They greeted me with hugs and giggles and we were good to go.  We simply could not have had a more delightful session- great weather, beautiful location, totally laid back and go-with-the-flow mom and dad, and 3 ridiculously happy and joyful little girls.  I can’t wait to watch these girls continue to grow and change, and I am sure they will continue to do a most excellent job of keeping their parents on their toes, but if this session was any indication, laughter and joy permeate their house, making it a happy place to be (even amidst some chaos).


oh, how sweet it is.

I love everything about this session.  The light- glowing perfection.   The temperature – perfect crisp fall weather.  The faces – sweet as sugar.  The family – adorable, laid-back, fun, and ready for an adventure.  As I slowly work through blogging sessions from last fall and winter, I am again reminded of how lucky I am to work with such phenomenal families.   Families who trust me to capture their memories, their moments in time, their love for each other.  And I absolutely CAN’T WAIT for it to warm up enough for these outdoor sessions to begin… come on spring, where are you?!