• Modern. Artistic. Candid. Your family is unique. I am proud to be the type of photographer who can capture your family’s character and personality in a creative way. My passion is finding your distinct qualities and helping your family remember them for a lifetime.

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lifestyle newborn sessions.

Calling all parents-to-be… have you thought about choosing jessie hearn photography for your in-home newborn session?  

I know, I know… having a baby is overwhelming enough, without having to also think about someone coming INTO your home within the first few weeks to PHOTOGRAPH your family?  Sounds crazy, right?!

Well, let me answer a few questions to help put your mind at ease.

QuestionWe haven’t slept; we haven’t painted the baby’s room; I hate my entire wardrobe; and my dog just peed all over the rug.  Is this really something that I need to think about right now??                                                                                                                                                                    

AnswerOf course not.  But, if you’re anything like me, years (or more likely months/weeks) from now, you will wish that you had.  For better or worse, the newborn-stage flies by in a blur and in the blink of an eye.  Those perfect wrinkly babies will uncurl their legs in a matter of weeks.  And before you know it, they are arguing with you about homework, clothing, dinner, and everything else they can possibly argue with you about.  (I should really stop inserting my personal experience into this question and answer). My goal is to make this easy on you so that you will have perfect memories of the first time your baby captured your heart.

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My house does not look like a Pottery Barn catalogue… in fact, my house looks more like some sort of natural disaster just hit.  How much work will I have to do to get my house ready?     

Answer: No work at all.  I will come to your home, decide which areas work best for pictures, move the piles of laundry, burp cloths, baby clothes, dog beds, plates with last night’s pizza, and whatever else needs to be moved and voila… your house looks picture perfect. Truly.

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Question:  What is a lifestyle newborn session?

Answer: My goal, as a photographer, is to capture your family’s character and personality in a unique way.  Your newborn session will not look like the session that your neighbor, brother, best friend, or sister had done because your session is done in YOUR home, with YOUR precious people and things, and it will capture YOUR FAMILY as you are.   I do not come with a car full of props (although I do have a few items I bring along) because I want you to look back at these images, years down the road, and to remember your family the way you actually existed at the time.

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Question:   How do we know what to wear?  What to do to get ready?  Etc.

Answer:  Not to worry… prior to our session, you will complete a simple form which will help me to customize the session to fit YOU.  I will provide you with a what to wear guide, as well as details instructions for what to do prior to my arrival (for example: when to feed the baby, etc).   Nothing too complicated, I promise.

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Last question (but you can always contact me to ask me any other questions!)

Question:  Where can I see your pricing?

Answer:  That’s easy.  Just click here!  Parents really love the “baby’s first year mini-sessions” which are only offered exclusively for clients who use jessie hearn photography for their newborn session.    And, if you are due between NOW and April 1st, 2017 I am offering $100 off of your digital collection from your in-home newborn session.  It’s easy… just click here to contact me or to book your session!

Question:  And when do I schedule my session?

Answer:  You can schedule your session at any point during your pregnancy.  I use your due date to hold a spot for you and once your baby arrives, you will be guaranteed a session within the first 2 weeks of his/her life.


a great, big overshare.

Ok, so clearly I am completely incapable of narrowing down some sessions to “just a few images” to share.   I am just going to roll with it- this post is one great, big overshare of tons and tons of images.  But, I can justify it… and let me tell you how… Before this session, during this session, and after this session I was warned that one of these 2 adorable little faces tends to cause some trouble.  Not naming any names, of course, but a small and truly adorable three year old might or might not be known around his house to be slightly difficult.  So, I am sharing these bazillion images as proof of a few things:  1. Parents who relax, have fun with their kiddos, and go with the flow will most definitely end up with truly incredible images.  2. It just takes one quick moment to capture a smile (that perhaps you didn’t even know happened).

So, here we go… let the giant overshare begin!


who wants a FREE holiday mini-session?


did you say FREE holiday mini-session? yep, i sure did!

if you need a super-quick session to grab an image (or a few images) for your holiday card, a gift the grandparents or a new image on the wall, then this mini-session is perfect for you… especially because it’s FREE!  that’s right, these winter themed holiday mini-sessions are my holiday gift to you; absolutely FREE.

if you book a full-length session now, to take place anytime during 2017 (you can choose the date now or we can work it out later), simply pay the $200 session fee and this fun outdoor mini-session is completely free.

and for the few of you who might not quite be ready to fully commit to a full-length session now, you’re welcome to pay $200 for a holiday mini-session now. pretty awesome deal, huh?

So, who is this session for?
– Your holiday mini-session is for immediate family members only

When will these sessions take place?
-Saturday, November 5th (8-10 am and 3-5 pm)           Rain date: Sunday, November 6th
-Sunday, November 13th (7:30-9:30 am and 2-4 pm)  Rain date: Saturday, November 19th

Where will these sessions be?
– All sessions will be at a beautiful outdoor location in Glenview, IL. The location details will be send to you in an email once you book your session. All of the images in this email were taken at the location of the session.

What if it is cold outside?
– These sessions are designed with winter in mind (I know, I’m not ready for it yet either). Think: bundled up in winter clothes, snuggling together under a blanket, etc. Just remember, these sessions are SHORT, so you will not be outside for long.

How long are these sessions?
– Each session is 10 minutes long

What if 10 minutes is not long enough for my family?
– All of the images in this blog post were taken in 10 minutes. And trust me, if I can get this many images of my own kids in 10 minutes, I can surely get some great ones of your family too!

What is included in this holiday mini-session?
– You will receive a 10 minute outdoor holiday mini-session and 1 high-resolution jpeg. You will have the option to purchase additional jpegs (your online gallery will include at least 8 images). You will also have the option to purchase boutique items.

Where can I see your pricing information so that I have more information about my 2017 full-length family session?
– Just click here!

Ok, I am ready to book my holiday mini-session. How do I do that?
– Just click here and fill out the form. I will send you a PayPal link to pay for your 2016 mini-session and you will be all set!


go cubs!

This family made my job way too easy on me… Such smiley and happy kids, which is always fun, but the cherry on top was how ridiculously polite and helpful they were too.  I also adore the mid-session wardrobe change… Go Cubbies!  A great way to make your session unique is to make sure to include bits of YOU… favorite clothes, loveys, blankets, etc.

And as a photographer, there are fewer compliments greater than when clients immediately book their next session, after their first session.  Can’t wait to see how much this trio grows by next summer.



bright and early.

I do love my sunset sessions, but there is something so simply magical about the sunrise ones too… it’s like you have the gift of the world before anyone else is awake for it!  Unless of course you choose the place where all of the kayakers head out for their morning rides, and then you share the world with them.  Either way, I loved greeting this adorable face bright and early this summer!