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sneak peek: “rules” of a photo session.

Here you will find a few “rules” to any jessie hearn photography session.  Prepare yourself- these are always tougher on the parents 😉


Rule 1:

Your child will (most likely) wake up with some sort of cut, scratch or bruise on the morning of our photo shoot.  If he/she does not wake up with said injury, then he/she will most likely run into a dresser, door, or trip on a stick, just as I arrive.   These minor flaws are cured miraculously by Photo Shop.   Please do not worry!

Rule 2:

Throw any sort of sleep schedule out the window on the day of the photo session.   If you want your child to sleep until 8 am, he/she will wake up at 6 am- guaranteed!  If you are hoping your child takes a quick nap, just before your session, plan on having to wake him/her up because he/she will take the first 4 hour nap, ever.  Somehow, our little darlings just KNOW what you want of them, and they give you just the opposite.  Just as a side note, the same holds true for flights, special visitors, and parties.

Rule 3:

Your child WILL “misbehave.”  And by misbehave, I mean he/she will NOT sit still, say “cheese,” and smile at the camera.   Hooray!  There, I said it. 🙂  I pride myself on being a CANDID photographer, which means that I will not ask your child to sit still.   The best moments captured are when your child is allowed to just “be,” whether that be silly, giggly, crabby, or shy.  Hair may be out of place, clothes may be wrinkled or bunched up, but if you are child is having FUN, you will look back and love your natural images.


Rule 4:

Your child runs the show during the photo shoot.  If he/she wants to run, jump, color, swing, or wrestle his baby brother on a mattress (for example) we are going to let him/her do it!  To get those images that you really love, we will go with the flow and follow your child’s lead rather than trying to force him/her to fit into our idea of a perfect photo session. Often these candid pictures are the best representation of his/her personality anyway!


So, for Mom and Dad- enjoy your sneak peek of your AWESOME photo session… it went EXACTLY as it should have!  🙂 Thanks for letting me share these wonderful memories with you!




sneak peek: lucky me!

I feel like the luckiest photographer sister in the world… I had the amazing privilege of flying to Seattle last week to spend a whole week with my brand-new nephew.  I was absolutely amazed by the overwhelming love that I have for him already… when my daughters were born, I loved them from the start, but I felt like I had to grow into that “blown away love” because I was more focused on survival  figuring out the role of being a mommy.  But, with my nephew, it was that love-knows-no-boundaries sort of feeling, right from the start.  And, to top it off, I got to photograph him too.   Here is just a sneak peek of a few of my favs.  And, if I didn’t love my sister as much as I do, I would sorta hate her for looking this beautiful after (natural) childbirth.  If you wanna sorta hate her too, just know that she is wearing all of her pre-pregnancy clothing in these photos.   Love you baby N and miss you immensely!

sneak peek: pedi day

What a fun morning we had “relaxing” at home.  This gorgeous girl is on the go from start to finish, except for the few sweet minutes where Mommy painted her nails.  I loved watching this moment between mother and daughter and capturing it as a memory for them to treasure forever!  These are just a few sneak peek images to enjoy.

i already love you.

Dear Unborn Nephew,

I already love you more than you will ever know.  I can’t wait to meet you soon and even though 11/11/11 would be the coolest birthday ever, I selfishly hope I get to meet you sooner than that.

celebration of family.

This photo session epitomizes a “lifestyle” shoot.  Hanging out, relaxing, reading stories, laughing, and just enjoying time together.  What a wonderful way to thank some of the most important women in their lives than to document these memories.   I had a wonderful time being with them throughout this entire session.  No pressure, no tears (except for the “stolen lollipop incident”), and truly capturing this family as they are!