about me

I love photography;  I always have.  I remember the smell of film canisters from 35mm cameras and the sound that disposable flash cubes made.  I remember waiting anxiously at the drugstore so that I could rush home with my new pictures and carefully put them into frames and photo albums.  Even though 20 years have passed and digital cameras have changed photography, my feelings and excitement are the same as they were when I was 7 years old.  I still race home after a shoot to look at every image and relive each moment of our session.  My goal is to combine the emotion that I feel with every click of the camera with your family as you actually are: smiling, laughing, even crying. I strive to find the true essence of who you are and capture these moments for you for a lifetime. Your family, as you are, smiling, laughing, even crying, but mainly just being yourselves.